Additional Costs


Missed Payments

All platform services are a month-to-month service subscription. If a payment is missed or not paid by the scheduled due date. Your website development services will be suspended.


Cancelling your website may risk you losing access to your website completely. Cancelling your website development within 30 days from your development start date. A partial refund up to 60% may be applicable. Any cancellations of your website development after 30 days from your development start date. No refund is can be offered.

Completed Developments:

Web Hosting - Your website is hosted by TMC WEB SOLUTIONS at a minimum charge of $49/mo. If you choose to cancel all Web Hosting features will be removed.

You may still keep access to your website.

You will be placed as the new site owner of your website.

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Work Load Fee

Fees may be applied if work load exceeds the project developments core timeline. Also if your project development requires additional work or request additional work.

A Fee of $55.00 but cannot exceed $95.00 will be applied to your next invoice. Fees must be paid on your next invoice. Labeled (Work Load Fee)

Late Fees

We do not apply late fees.