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My Billing - How will I be billed?


You are billed for any services or expenses required to complete your development request. Billable-vs-unBillable : some services or products may need to be paid upfront others can be billed.


Our billing system sends out invoices approximately 7-15 days before the due date.

Some services may exceed the 7-15 days depending on the type of service you may receive or a payment extension has been placed on the services you currently are receiving. Your invoice will show the initial due date, which payments for that invoice(s) are due.


Payments are only to be made online with a link submitted to your email to make a payment toward your current invoice(s)

Automatic Payments

To get set up with automatic payments submit a request.

Once requested and a payment date is selected. A new invoice link will be issued and sent via email.

*Note: Payment due dates may exceed 15 days from the time your invoice is issued. If your new billing date exceeds 15 days your request will be canceled.

Auto-Pay is no longer linked with PayPal.

Website Hosting Plans are currently billed manually - Starting May 1, 2022. Web Hosting Plans will be billed on auto-pay.

Any invoices that is billed for your websites hosting plan will state that it is a recurring payment plan subscription. The credit/debit card which you use to submit payment will be used for that invoice month-to-month for a consecutive 6 - 12 months depending on which plan TMC WEB SOLUTIONS sets that best fits your business.

After at least 6 - 12 months of payments a new recurring payment plan will be issued and you may use an additional credit/debit card for your websites hosting plans invoice.

Note: (Payments may take up to 3-5 business days to process.)

(If you wish to update you payment information before your websites hosting plan completes. You may request a change by submitting a ticket on our support page)*


  • Changes after Launch - 50% of Maintenance fee up to $125

  • Website Hosting (Monthly) - $59.99+taxes

  • Revisions (After 7 days from launch) - 10-15% of total costs

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