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TMC WEB SOLUTIONS - Website Development Contract











At TMC WEB SOLUTIONS, we pride ourselves on doing our best to meet defined goals and fulfill your web design needs, but it is necessary to ensure that a few simple things are outlined should any unforeseen questions or issues arise. In this contract, you won't find complicated legal terms or large passages of confusing text. We wish to maintain clarity and want you to know exactly what You're agreeing to. AGREEMENT YOU the Client agree, by hiring TMC WEB SOLUTIONS, to design and develop a website for the total estimated price on the Invoice—Sent to your email on file—and that will include a maximum amount of hours of work. I acknowledge that the price I receive is based on an assessment of the information I have provided to TMC WEB SOLUTIONS on the date of the contract and is only an estimate. I further acknowledge that if TMC WEB SOLUTIONS determines additional work not documented in the attached statement of work is needed, the cost will be impacted. I will however have the opportunity to review and approve these changes prior to TMC WEB SOLUTIONS moving forward.

WHAT DO BOTH PARTIES AGREE TO DO? As our client, you have the power to enter into this contract on behalf of your company or organization.

You agree to provide us with everything necessary to complete the project including logo, text, images, links to social media, and any other information we request as we need it, and in the format we require. We wish to avoid any delays. Deadlines work both ways and you as well will be bound by any dates, and timelines that we set forth. You also agree to adhere to the payment schedule outlined in this agreement. We have the experience and ability to perform the requested services and will carry out our work in a professional and timely manner. We cannot be held responsible for a missed website launch date, or deadline if you have not provided all content and or revisions on time. TIMELINE Our estimated time required to complete your website is 21-30 days. We will commence the work after we have received a signed contract and the non-refundable deposit of 50%. Also keep in mind that we rely on you and your team to provide us with the necessary assets (including but not limited to website text, photos, social media, products, pricing, etc.), and approvals in order for us to work on your website, and to avoid impacting your website launch date. CHANGES AFTER LAUNCH We provide you with a 7-day window from the date of your website launch for error review. This does not include new website revisions, but errors that may have occurred during the build. It is your responsibility as the client to review your website during this time and point out any errors to be corrected. Any error that you find after the 7 days, will be charged 50% of our maintenance fee up to $75. WEB HOSTING

Your website will be hosted on WIX servers. This will ensure that your website will be up and running with a 99.9% uptime rating, and it will remain compatible with all of the latest web browsers including, safari, chrome, firefox, edge, and explorer. Your first month of hosting is included with your website development package, prices for hosting after this point start at $59.99/mo. and up. - When you purchase a website development plan. You are eligible for a one-month free web hosting plan to keep your site up and live for your customers or viewers. BROWSER FUNCTIONALITY All of our websites are optimized for all browsers & screens. Although this does not guarantee that your website will look exactly the same on every screen, and may appear differently due to varying screen resolutions and aspect ratios. STATEMENT OF WORK We’ve prepared the price quote Referred to Above based on everything that we have discussed, including any correspondence via email, in-person, or phone calls. The breakdown is outlined in the statement of work document which includes the scope of work, project objectives, tasks, deliverables, certain terms, conditions, and requirements as well as payment of the project. We are only responsible for the items outlined in the statement of work. Items not included in the statement of work are not part of the project nor have they been included in the quoted cost. We work on your website's development in 3 separate phases, which are divided into sections or steps for each phase of the development. You will be emailed when we start each phase of your website development. . This allows you to keep track of where we are in the process. ADDITIONS Please review the statement of work and if you have any additional feature requests, changes in tasks, changes in deliverables, or any scope modifications, beyond what was agreed and signed off on in the original statement of work, an additional fee will be applied to you as the client at $75+. REVISIONS

The price estimate includes time for revisions, and that will not exceed 5% of the total budget of web development time mentioned above. Should you request additional revisions beyond what is included, or that exceed the allocated time, you will receive an email notification from us requesting a confirmation that you wish to proceed with said revisions and agree that you will be billed a maintenance fee of $75+. After we have received your confirmation we will proceed.


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