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How do I submit a ticket/issue/problem?

Following the tips below puts your request on a fast track and reduces back and forth. Review the list and remember, we’re here to help!

1. Submit Request Online – We humbly ask all support requests to be made online using our Open Support Ticket form.

2. Include Website URL – It’s always important to know what site we’re working on. Also, if you’re having problems on a specific page, please include the URL to that page(s).

3. Provide Detailed Description of Problem(s) – A complete description of the issue you are experiencing. Please provide as much detail as possible. This is of great assistance in quickly determining the cause of the issue.

4. Use Screenshots (if applicable) – If at all possible, try to take some screenshots and attach them. If you don’t know how to do this press “SHIFT+COMMAND+4” on a Mac or the “Print Screen” button on a PC then paste into Microsoft Paint

5. Include Timeframe of Problem – How long have you known about the issue? When did you first identify the problem?


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