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Web Hosting

Price Increase Starting May 1, 2022* All Pricing show are updated for May 1, 2022 launch.

Current clients who have a web hosting plan with TMC WEB SOLUTIONS from dates BEFORE April 30, 2022 will remain priced at $49.99 until May 31, 2022. All New Clients who purchase the web hosting plan will be priced at $59.99* Starting May 1, 2022. For further questions and/or help please contact us on our support page and submit a new ticket. < Click here for further questions

Web hosting servers are the space where your website can live and be stored while being accessible on the larger web. If you want your website to be live online—in other words, if you want anyone other than you to see it—then a website hosting package is a necessary part of the equation.

To have your website appear online a website host package must be applied to your account. If you have purchased a website development plan this package is applied for your 1st month then $59.99*+ thereafter.

This plan is required for all website developments.


Hosting costs - All website development plans have a standard upkeep cost. These cost can be determined by what business solutions you are needing for your website development.

These costs are starting at $59.99*mo+tax plus any additional business solution platform that is added. Then that total is added to your standard charge.

Example: Basic - $449 Added - E-commerce Platform - $49mo. Hosting Fee: flat rate of $59.99* You're monthly up keep would be $108.99mo.+tax

Plan Benefits:

  • Enterprise-Grade Security - All sites are compliant with the highest international security standards. With automatic updates, they always stay secure.

  • SSL Certified - Visitors can navigate TMC WEB SOLUTIONS sites and submit information securely via HTTPS, and all checkouts are PCI compliant.

  • Domains - Search, purchase and register domains directly added and enjoy secure hosting on our reliable cloud servers.

Additional Features:

  • Secured Online Payments

  • Plans & Recurring Payments

  • Remove - TMC Web Solutions Branding

  • Storage Space - 35GB

  • Website - Online

Now Starting at - $59.99*

(*) - indicated price increase.

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